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Accounting solutions

By introducing this service, our aim at NDP Audit & Consulting is to give our clients peace of mind, with a more relaxed approach to all their bookkeeping and accounting requirements. No longer will it be necessary for you to hire a full time or even part-time accountant. By outsourcing your Accounting & Bookkeeping, you will not only minimize your expenses, but you will also have the privilege of using the expertise of our team of professional skilled accountants. Our experienced accountants will maintain your accounting in such a way, that you will get reports regarding your business accounting when requested.

  1. In-house Accounting & Bookkeeping
    We will handle your accounting and bookkeeping "in-house" (in our office) and we will provide you with monthly and/or any other reports whenever required.
  2. At Your Office
    We will handle your Accounting & Bookkeeping at your office premises. We will make weekly, monthly and/or quarterly visits to do the work.
  3. Year-end Closing
    On receipt of your yearly accounting documents our team can finalize the closing of the year-end
  4. Customized Bookkeeping
    We can customize a bookkeeping/accounting plan or procedure to suit your business needs.

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