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Government incentives – don’t miss this chance!

On 17 March 2017, the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia issued a public call for application for incentives for direct investments.

The level of funds that may be awarded is determined in relation to the eligible investment costs, defined as investments in tangible and intangible assets as of the date of submission of application, or costs of gross salaries for new jobs created during the two - year period after achieving full employment.

According to the Decree on the Terms and Conditions for Attracting Direct Investments, investors can be given between 3,000 EUR and 7,000 EUR per each new job they create.

The Decree, which came into effect in late 2016, stipulates that the minimum required new jobs that will be created as a result of investment projects is now 10, and the minimum required investment is EUR 100,000. These requirements pertain to investments implemented in undeveloped and the so-called economically devastated areas in Serbia.

The subsidy requirement for investments in the municipalities that belong to the fourth group (groups are classified as per their development level) is EUR 200,000 in investments and 20 new jobs. In the municipalities belonging to the third group, the subsidy requirement is EUR 300,000 and 30 new jobs, and in regard to the municipalities that belong to the second category the minimum investments should be EUR 400,000 and 40 new jobs. The requirement for investments in most developed municipalities is EUR 500,000 and 50 new jobs.

The Decree stipulates allocation of funds for investment projects in production and service sector that may be subject to international trade, as well as funds for investment projects in agriculture and fishery.

The total available amount for subsidies is 420 million dinars (cca 3.3 million EUR) which comes from the budget of the Serbian Development Agency. The allocation will continue until all the funds are spent.

So, don’t miss this chance to invest in Serbia with significant decrease in investment expenses.

We will prepare/collect all the required documentation and assist you in all the steps of the procedure for applying for the incentive. Moreover, we will find a municipality in Serbia that can additionally help you in setting-up of your production with various local incentives.

Please feel free to send your question/idea or anything related to expanding your production to Serbia and we will be glad to help you.

Just send your question and we will get back with the proper information in short time!

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