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Invest in Serbia


International center for financial market development

Intercity broker Belgrade


Buy a company or business in Serbia

By using experienced advisors, the acquisitive company will find a large range of suitable local targets, execute the deal on a timely basis, avoid the many pitfalls and will be one step ahead of its competition.

We advise clients on all stages of an acquisition, from the initial phase of defining strategy to successfully closing the deal. With us, you will receive advice from senior professionals with the relationships, reach and resources needed to ensure your goals are met.

We will advise on valuations to avoid overpaying, and will closely manage the process to ensure a timely conclusion.

These are some of the related services:

  1. designing and implementation of takeover strategies (strategies for "friendly" or "hostile" takeover);
  2. designing and implementation of defence strategies for joint stock companies targets of hostile takeover;
  3. advisory and active participation in negotiation accompanying takeover execution;
  4. strategies for acquiring 100% of the company shares;
  5. advisory in the case of establishment of Consortium designed for share purchasing;
  6. advisory and preparing of socially-owned companies intended for privatization – social and investment programs, negotiations with strategic partners, etc.;
  7. carrying out due diligence and feasibility studies, informational memorandum preparing;
  8. capital valuation / appraisals, business plans;
  9. preparing various documentation for potential strategic partners and other investors;
  10. Matchmaking services - promoting B2B relationships and enabling companies and/or individuals to sell their business, look for joint ventures, buy running business, form equity partnership, look for agents or distributors, etc.

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