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When you join NDP Audit & Consulting, it is really the start of your post-graduate education. In our profession, learning is an ongoing process that continues throughout your career through formal and on the job training. We work with employees throughout their careers to help plan and schedule training.

Once a trainee reaches Associate stage it is recognised that they may wish to broaden their commercial or practice experience. As such we would encourage them wholeheartedly to gain knowledge in different environments that will round them as a professional. If that isn’t appropriate within NDP Audit & Consulting we help you identify opportunities that will round you as a practitioner.

Even if you didn't start your career at NDP Audit & Consulting, you haven't missed out on the opportunity to spend the rest of your career with us! We value the experience and perspective of audit/accounting veterans who have spent time in other firms and business settings. If you have been thinking about making a career change, then we encourage you to consider NDP Audit & Consulting. You will find a unique culture, new opportunities to explore, challenging assignments and a realistic ability to shape the future of our firm.

If you are already a certified accountant or tax advisor or you want to become one and you speak English, French or Italian fluently, please send your CV to office@ndp-audit.rs and we will examine your application. Total discretion is guaranteed!

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