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Liquidation of a company

  1. Preparation of agreements, notifications and other documentation related to: contracts termination and solving due obligations with creditors, solving credits and loans, sell of assets and other procedures that are required to be finished before liquidation commencement;
  2. Preparation of the Decision on Commencement of liquidation process, Liquidation manager proposal and controlling of his/her actions, preparation of all documents required for registration of the liquidation commencement at the Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA), organizing making of the new Company's stamp and informing all relevant institutions in Serbia on liquidation commencement;,
  3. Preparation of all the documents for employment termination with all employees in the Company due to liquidation commencement and registration of employment termination at all relevant institutions in Serbia;
  4. Preparation of all required reports and decisions for the Liquidation manager and founder of the Company related to liquidation process according to the Law;
  5. Preparation of all required financial statements related to liquidation of the Company and necessary decision on their adoption for the founder of the Company;
  6. Registration of all decisions and reports at the SBRA related to liquidation process of the Company according to the Law.

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