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Outsource a part of your business

Outsourcing has become an indispensable business strategy for many companies and organizations around the globe. It is the most viable and profitable way for employers to take their business to the next level, without significantly increasing internal expenses.However, many people are skeptical about offshore outsourcing. One of the main concerns is the prospect of outsourcing important work and projects to freelancers who may have different cultural background and communication barriers. However, businesses need to adopt new strategies to keep pace with the evolving world and improve the quality of their processes. Including offshore outsourcing as part of your business strategy, can bring you a host of benefits.

Here are some common business functions for outsource:

  • Order fulfillment
  • Accounting/billing
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing/advertising
  • Web design/development/maintenance
  • Sales/business development
  • Human Resources/payroll/benefits
  • Customer relationship management

We have a lot of experience in setting-up the outsourcing system in areas of Accounting/payroll/Audit, Call centers, IT, Sales/business development and we are able to connect you with the best service providers in remaining areas of your business.


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In a fast changing market meeting the challenge of future growth requires new ways of thinking and doing. Outsourcing has become common business practice in the global market because of the need to devise cost-efficient way of doing business in order to remain profitable. It has the potential to deliver value well beyond cost savings by opening access to talent and capabilities while maximizing business model flexibility.

According to a latest survey from Duke University's Offshoring Research Network and PricewaterhouseCoopers the economic crisis reemphasized the importance of cost savings and efficiency improvement as the top strategic reasons for outsourcing, followed by access to qualified personnel. Moreover, outsourcing providers around the world predict that demand for their services is expanding rapidly. According to the survey, outsourcing companies in North America and India, which have long dominated the industry, are being challenged by competition from Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Best shoring is one of the trends identified at customers looking beyond the borders of traditional outsourcing centers, towards places less popular than India, to find niche specialization or simply to find service providers with appropriate time zones. With locations through Central Europe, Great Britain and Ireland over-saturated the industry is now seeking new locations and South-East Europe is emerging as the next region of choice for many investors.

According to the latest Ernst&Young Southeast Europe Attractiveness Survey in terms of labour costs, labour legislation flexibility as well as productivity the South-East Europe (SEE) is far more attractive than any other region in the Europe. Furthermore, 38% of the interviewed international executives find the SEE region the most attractive for manufacturing activities and 25% of them considers the SEE region to be the most attractive for Shared Services Centers and Back Office hubs.


Serbia – Rising Star of Offshore and Nearshore Outsourcing

A number of studies carried out by renowned location consultants have ranked Serbia among the new stars of the manufacturing as well as service industry.

PricewaterhouseCoopers’s EM20 Index of attractive emerging markets, generated by PwC’s Risk & Reward Model, rates Serbia among the most promising locations, on an almost equal footing with Poland, Russia, Slovakia etc. Ranked outside the top 20 in 2004, currently Serbia is ranked 3rd in the Manufacturing Index and as No.7 destination for investment in services. This rapid rise largely reflects increasing GDP per capita, while falling risk premiums reflect improvements in terms of political and economic stability, as the country moves towards EU admission.

Why Serbia?

Low Overhead Costs - Operating costs for doing business in Serbia are significantly lower than those in other CEE countries. Serbia’s tax system is highly conducive to investment, offering one of Europe’s lowest corporate profit tax rates of 10% and a package of tax incentives and breaks to encourage high profit rates and easy start-up. Labour costs in Serbia are comparable to the rest of the Western Balkan region, while standing at less than half the level of East European EU member-states. Low utility costs are also a strong factor in achieving high profit margins.

Strategic Geographic Location - Bordering Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria, Serbia is at the doorstep of the European Union. Via strategic transport routes, Corridors No. 10 and No. 7, the country links Western Europe with the Middle East. From Serbia, you can effectively serve both your European and Middle Eastern customers, thereby enhancing your business performance. Moreover, travelling to and from Serbia is swift and easy. Serbia is well connected with the rest of Europe and almost any destination can be reached within 3 hours.

Quality Human Resources - The quality of Serbia’s intellectual capital is based on extensive relationships with Western economies stretching back decades, as well as an educational system generating fast-learning, multilingual, IT-literate people. In recent years, the number of university graduates has grown at an annual rate in excess of 15%, averaging over 16,000 per year. Technical education is particularly strong, with a third of graduates coming from technical universities. English, French, Russian and German languages are mandatory subjects throughout primary and secondary education in Serbia as well as at the universities with a special focus on vocabulary used in the specific scientific areas being taught. A poll conducted by Gallup International (2003) showed that 42.3% of the Serbian population was familiar with the English language while GfK Research survey (2007) shows that 48% of the population at least understands English; 31% are able to hold a conversation, 22% of whom have a good or excellent command of the language which is considerably higher than in most Eastern European countries.

Attractive Investment Incentives – Foreign investors can benefit from a number of investment incentives offered for opening new jobs in Serbia. Since 2001, inward FDI has reached USD 13.5bn, with the number of Greenfield projects growing rapidly – Serbia hosted the largest Greenfield Investments in SEE Region (2004, 2005, 2006) as awarded by OECD.

Booming Market Potential - Overall duty-free exporting potential is over 1 billion consumers. Furthermore, Serbia is the only country, apart from the Commonwealth of Independent States members, which has Free Trade Agreement with Russian Federation.

Enhanced Investment Stability - For years, Serbia was among Europe’s fastest growing economies. Since 2004, Serbia’s economy grew on average 6.3% per annum, while GDP per capita almost doubled.


How we do business?

Outsourcing Manufacturing Activities to Serbia

Positive working cooperation between the companies comprising our Business Group created a powerful national services provider with a proven track record, history of innovative solutions and loyal clients. Professionals comprising our network have been guiding hundreds of clients down the road to profitability and growth. Our reference list consists of more than 50,000 clients, foreign and domestic business entities and individuals.

We supports foreign companies and entrepreneurs seeking to relocate facilities or expand in Serbia by providing true one-stop-shop service in pre-investment analysis, during the transaction as well as in post-investment process. For a significant number of foreign companies and individuals we have been organizing business matchmaking and successfully conducting incorporation of a company in Serbia, registration and local representation services by highly experienced managers and proxy-holders in a way that you can be sure that all requirements are met and rules and regulations are complied with. Moreover, we provide domiciliary services (our business premises are available as a registered address for the clients and/or temporary operational headquarters) accompanied with competent as well as day-to-day management including know-how and management services, secondments made on a short or long term basis upon your request.

Outsourcing Services to Serbia

Being a multi-faceted business network we are able to deliver greater value to our clients and provide wide range of services on turn-key principle while ensuring maximum supervision and control of delicate information flow. Even though we are fully equipped to implement any type of outsourcing strategy that you might have we have specialized in finance and accounting outsourcing.

Ideally, 80% of finance and accounting activity ought to be under the umbrella of shared services while the 20% that is business critical remains with the company. A key driver of outsourcing is that it gives CFOs the ability to refocus their scarce finance and accounting talent on more creative and value-added services such as business strategy and execution, new opportunity identification and pricing, business results and interpretation, merger and acquisition planning for internal and external customers, stakeholders and business partners.

Finance and accounting functions like reconciliation, payables, inventory accounting, financial and statutory reporting, budgeting support, general ledger, aged debtor reports, cash flow and fixed assets can easily be externalized and represent the majority of services offered to our clients – companies as well as international auditing and accounting firms based in developed countries.

Quality control and confidentiality are the corner stones of our every day operations. When you transfer selected functions to us as specialized, efficient outsourcing service provider we will begin the cooperation by setting up training sessions by your experts in order to orient our personnel on accounting software used by your company and agreed method for data transmission. A clear understanding of the deliverables and due dates of the engagement is of great importance for us.

When assembling staff we identify the needs of a specific engagement and gear the employees with experience of the industry that dovetails with client needs. If an ongoing outsource engagement requires specific skills just a few days a month, we use associate experts on a part-time basis. Our team is reliable and comprised of young, educated, hard working individuals led by seasoned professionals with superior work ethics.

Based on our references and real “one-stop-shop” service We hope that we will become your partner at Serbian market and that we will cooperate in the near future. If you would like to receive more information on the subject of our ongoing projects as well as possible inquires regarding the Serbian market please do not hesitate to contact us.

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