Accounting Services in Serbia

Specialized in working with foreign companies present on the Serbian market, more than 15 years ago NDP introduced the “Accounting services in Serbia solution” that consists of complete accounting services in Serbia, legal and tax advisory services, virtual office in Serbia with registered address and secretarial services, opening bank account in Serbia, help in acquiring or renting an office space or production facility, employing necessary staff, creation of all obligatory rulebooks, conducting share capital increase or decrease, money transfer and solving other requirements a client may have. Our one-stop shop system of providing services, is far more than just providing accounting services and is conceived to give the client a chance to get everything at one place and to leave him with enough time, money and energy for business development, having customized those services according to his needs. Respecting administrative procedures and meeting conditions and deadlines of the authorities and institutions at the initial phase of client’s business activity in Serbia may represent a burden to doing business. That is where the “Accounting services in Serbia solution” covers all those procedures, facilitating all those procedures.

NDP guarantee professional ethics from their employees with the utmost privacy and confidence of information through internal rules and regulations as well as legal framework. NDP has the resources available to provide management accounts for the business of the Serbian company on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

NDP recognizes that many businesses require services and support of a dedicated and professional accounting function but have difficulty justifying the expenses of an in-house resource. Our Accounting and Legal Department will provide complete and professional service and is fully backed by the expertise of our Tax Department as a part of Accounting services in Serbia solution.

The service is designed to:

  • Save valuable executive time
  • Ensure that your business fully complies with statutory requirements
  • Reduce overheads normally attracted by performing this function in-house
  • Provide an efficient, cost effective and worry-free function
  • Provide answers to your questions previously agreed between accounting, legal and tax professionals – avoiding different answers to the same question from separate service providers
  • Ensure that you will have always available person in charge for your business no matter the holidays, sick leave and other reasons for absence.