Electronic registration of companies in Serbia

From May 17th 2023, the registration application for the establishment of a business company, namely a limited liability company (DOO), a joint stock company (AD), a limited partnership (KD) and a partnership (OD) can be submitted to the Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA) EXCLUSIVELY BY ELECTRONIC WAY.

For eRegistration of the establishment of a business company (single and a multi-member), the applicant must have:

  • qualified electronic certificate (electronic signature) issued by a certification body in the Republic of Serbia,
  • installed electronic card reader and installed NexU electronic signature application. The NexU application was designed by the SBRA and can serve the user to create all future electronic documents, invoices, etc. Its download from the SBRA site is free,
  • Visa, MasterCard or Dina payment cards to pay the fee.

The electronic signature is used for signing the electronic registration application, but also for signing documents that can be attached to the electronic application.

When you decide to register a company in Serbia, please contact us and we will guide you through all the steps, including, but not limited to following procedures:

  • organizing of obtaining qualified electronic certificate,
  • collecting required documentation on founders,
  • name reservation,
  • preparing Incorporation act,
  • signing with electronic certificate,
  • help in paying SBRA taxes,
  • submitting registration application and collecting the SBRA Decision on registration as well as
  • setting-up bank accounts and
  • complete accounting, tax and legal support after successful registration.

Just send your question and we will get back with the proper information in short time!

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