Personal tax in Serbia

Serbian residents are taxed on their worldwide income; non-residents are taxed only on income generated in Serbia. For income tax purposes, an individual is considered resident if he/she has a residence or center of business or stays in Serbia for at least 183 days in the total during the tax year.

  • The principal taxable forms of income are
  • employment income (10%),
  • royalties and rent, (20%),
  • capital gains (15%).

Residents receiving income of 3 or more times the annual average earnings in the tax year are subject to annual income tax.

Other Taxes on Individuals are:

  • Inheritance tax is levied on inheritances and gifts at progressive rate between 1.5% (for taxpayers in the second order of succession) and 2.5% (for taxpayers in the third and subsequent orders of succession).
  • Transfer tax of 2.5% applies on transfer of immovable property (i.e. intellectual property, real property, etc).
  • Property tax is levied on the occupation of real estate at progressive rates ranging from 0.4% to 2%.