Tax Advisory in Serbia

Constant changes in tax laws in Serbia are major reasons why you need an advisor in Serbia with specialized expertise related to tax in Serbia. These changes dictate that your tax situation is monitored throughout the year. Whether you are an entrepreneur in Serbia, an owner or director of a company in Serbia or just an individual who wants to comply with all tax regulations in Serbia, our professionals understand the complexities of taxation and stay on top of the regulations that impact your business and life.

We develop an individual tax strategy and ensure that your taxes in Serbia are calculated 100% legally, transparently and take into account all the advantages of the Serbian tax system. We communicate closely with the Serbian Tax authorities.

We constantly track all Government decisions on tax and other incentives, analyze them and try to implement them on our clients’ cases. If there is a slight chance to use the incentive, we provide brief explanation and recommend our client how to apply and prepare all the required documentation for granting and receiving an incentive.

Who is our service “Tax Advisory in Serbia” aimed at?

  • International corporations and medium-sized companies operating in Serbia;
  • Serbian companies orientated towards the international market;
  • Subsidiaries or branches of international companies located in Serbia;
  • Companies that want to set up subsidiaries, branches, representative offices and operating facilities in Serbia;
  • Entrepreneurs in Serbia – founded by foreign or domestic individuals;
  • Foreign persons living and working in Serbia;
  • Serbian citizens living abroad.

Our Tax Advisory in Serbia service include:

  • Preparation of tax reports and balances for companies and individuals
  • Tax audit
  • Tax returns preparation for companies and individuals
  • Tax advices and opinions
  • Tax planning
  • Tax disputes assistance and tax litigation support
  • Representation in tax in issues in front of the tax authorities
  • Tax optimizing advices with the aim of tax minimization within legal boundaries
  • Avoidance of double taxation