New incentives for entrepreneurs

At the end of 2023, the Government of Serbia has adopted two important incentives for entrepreneurs who are taxed on a flat rate basis, namely:

  • extended until the end of 2025 the application of the limit on the increase of the tax base for lump sums of no more than 10% per year,
  • increased the reduction of the base for business beginners to 50 %, who will be registered in 2024.

Using the flat-rate tax and contribution calculator available on the website of the Tax Administration, flat-rate entrepreneurs can find out the amount of obligations in advance.
From 2020, tax rulings are delivered exclusively in electronic form through the tax box on the ePorezi portal, access to which requires the use of a qualified electronic certificate.
Everything about taxes for entrepreneurs, as well as registration and complete record keeping for entrepreneurs, you can leave to us.